MND NSW provides information, support and education for people living with motor neurone disease, their families, friends and carers in NSW, ACT and NT. We also provide information and education about motor neurone disease for health, community and residential care professionals.

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Dysphagia friendly chocolate ideas for Easter

Special occasions like Easter can tend to focus on enjoying and sharing food with family and friends. This can be a challenging time for someone with MND, who may have a modified diet or a PEG, and they may feel that they are missing out. So, we have some suggestions for ways to make enjoyable treats for those with dysphagia so no one misses out on their Easter chocolate!

We try our best to support you through every step of your MND journey, with vital donations ensuring we can keep providing equipment, support, education and information. Over the past few weeks we met our FlexEquip team and found out what they do. This week, we’d like to tell you a little about our Advisor team, and how they provide support.

The Federal Government and Department of Social Services have developed and launched a new service for Australians living with disability. The Disability Gateway aims to provide information to help people with disability, their family, friends and carers, to find the support they need.

As 2021 is now well underway, it's a good time to start thinking about joining our information and support events. We have many online and face to face events planned for this year and this is an opportunity to connect with others and join our MND community. 

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides special parking conditions and concessions to eligible people with a disability. All Australian states and territories participate in the Australian Disability Parking Scheme, so you can use a valid and current permit Australia-wide. 

The Ambulance Service of NSW has developed two types of care plans to help ambulance staff to make the best decisions in the event of an emergency. Ambulance Care Plans authorise paramedics to provide individually tailored treatment based on the directions documented in their plan by their health practitioner. 

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