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This program is designed to help support people with permanent disability to participate in community events and activities by making it easier for a companion to join them. The Companion Card program is a free not for profit program funded by the Government.

The Companion Card is a credit-card sized photo ID card issued to people with a significant disability who require support from a companion to participate at venues.

Cardholders present their Companion Card when booking or purchasing a ticket from a participating business and this allows their companion to gain free entry into participating venues and events.

Companion Cards are not means tested and those assessed as eligible have the card for life.

How do I apply for a Companion Card?
There is an application form that needs to be completed along with additional evidence, which includes:

  • Completed hard-copy (paper) application form
  • Application form must also be completed and signed by a health professional
  • Provide two high quality colour passport photos (signed by your health professional)
  • Provide copies of supporting information e.g. neurologist letter

Send your completed form, photos and other documents to the NSW Companion Card team at:

Companion Card 
Locked Bag 4028 
Ashfield NSW 1800

Download an application form here: Application Form PDF, 513.19 KB

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Can someone else fill in the application form on my behalf?
Yes, someone else is allowed to complete the form for you, or help you to fill it in. They will then need to put their contact details on the application form. They will find a place on the form to do this.

What supporting information should I send with the application?

  • copies of up-to-date reports from health professionals (e.g. a specialist, psychologist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, paediatrician, occupational therapist, registered nurse or social worker)
  • any other information that you believe will show that you qualify for a Companion Card (e.g. details about the support you receive through the National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Where can I use it
You can search for participating Companion Card venues and events here:
Where can I use my Card? | Companion Card (

Information in community languages
This information and the application form are available in several other languages, please see the full list here: Information in community languages | Companion Card (

ACT Companion Card Program
Further details and application form for residents in the ACT can be found online here:

NT Companion Card Program
Further details and application form for residents in the Northern Territory can be found online here:


If you have any further queries or concerns, then please contact your MND Advisor
or our Infoline on 1800 777 175.




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