We try our best to support you through every step of your MND journey, with vital donations ensuring we can keep providing equipment, support, education and information. Over the past few weeks we met our FlexEquip team and found out what they do. This week, we’d like to tell you a little about our Advisor team, and how they provide support.

The MND NSW Advisor team is led by Eileen O’Loghlen, and she said that ‘as an MND advisor, our role is very varied, but our aim is to’:

  • Provide information for people recently diagnosed with MND, their families, friends and carers.
  • Support the person living with MND, their family and carers by maintaining contact through home visits, telephone calls, video conference calls and email.
  • Assist people living with MND to identify the services they need or may need,
  • Provide information in regard to Government services - including My Aged Care and NDIS. We help you to have a better understanding of the government services and provide you with assistance with the referral process
  • Organise or give guidance to the pathway for referral to allied health therapist, such as occupational therapist, speech pathologist and physiotherapist in your health area.
  • Assist with access to MND NSW equipment/assistive technology.

MND advisors assist people living with MND throughout all of NSW and the ACT.


MND NSW Advisor Team Leader Eileen O'Loghlen

“Wherever possible we also periodically visit regional areas - this will have more challenges regarding the frequency or possibility of a home visit,” Eileen said.

“But as advisors, we do become knowledgeable of the areas as well as the health professionals and services available in the areas we cover and can assist with organising referrals without having visited you in person.”

COVID 19 brought additional challenges to home visits, no matter the location.

“During 2020 due to changes related to COVID, MND advisors quickly learnt new skills related to technology and using on line platforms,” Eileen said.

With facilitating support groups forming a large part of an advisor’s role, even COVID-19 issues couldn’t shut down our support groups, with moves made to host them online rather than face-to-face. Whilst we continued to have virtual support groups, as this year moves forward we hope to have face-to-face support groups throughout NSW.

“We know many people have missed this face to face contact with other people with MND and their carers,” Eileen said.

MND advisors also work closely with our education and carer support teams and assist with programs offered, all previously face to face, but more recently using on line platforms. Your MND advisor will keep you up to date with these programs, as will our E-News and social media channels.

All advisors work part time and when we first meet you, we will explain and inform you of our working days. But is important to know that if you cannot contact your MND advisor, never hesitate to contact our information line on 1800 77 175. Although we are not emergency workers, there is always someone available to take your call Monday to Friday.

Next time, we find out more about our Advisor team!

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