Specific information about managing particular aspects of motor neurone disease. Includes information about symptom management and practical guides and links for accessing services and resources.

This is a comprehensive 14 page A4 reference guide with online links to information, services and resources that may be of interest to people living with MND in NSW, the ACT and NT.

Some people with MND, but without a diagnosis of dementia, will experience changes to their thinking and behaviour. This is known as cognitive change and it is believed to affect around 50% of people diagnosed with MND. 

Activities like walking, gardening, yoga, hydrotherapy and others that involve physical movement can help to strengthen or maintain healthy muscles whose nerves have not yet been affected by MND. 

Living Better for Longer evidence-based fact sheets

Series of 8 two-page ‘Living Better for Longer' evidence-based facts sheets. Each fact sheet explores interventions that research has shown helps people live better for longer with motor neurone disease.

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