The Federal Government and Department of Social Services have developed and launched a new service for Australians living with disability. The Disability Gateway aims to provide information to help people with disability, their family, friends and carers, to find the support they need.

Research being conducted at ANU is currently seeking participants.

The study aims to examine the impacts of a recent disaster in Australia (for example, bushfire, flood, COVID-19 and more) on the care experience of those with life-limiting, terminal or life-threatening illnesses.

Carers NSW is holding a webinar series exploring your rights, expectations as a carer when accessing services, and what to do if a problem arises.

This free webinar series is held monthly, and outlines the rights carers have when accessing a range of services with, or on behalf of, the person they care for, with a focus on rights that can be upheld through formal complaints pathways.

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides special parking conditions and concessions to eligible people with a disability. All Australian states and territories participate in the Australian Disability Parking Scheme, so you can use a valid and current permit Australia-wide. 

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