For many people living with MND, appropriate aged care and support which can and should be delivered within a person’s own home, is completely unavailable to them. Many more are struggling to even achieve a fundamental level of support. This is unacceptable. The current Royal Commission into Aged Care in Australia has primarily focussed on the experience of older Australians in residential settings. This only represents part of the substandard care older people are experiencing through our aged care system. Depriving someone of the right to remain living in their own home, simply because of an unavailability of in home care packages is also substandard care. Now is the time to add our voices to the discussion and provide a very clear message to the investigators and to the decision makers that people living with MND want, need and expect to access their care, their way in their own homes.You can make a submission or have your voice heard.

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The Royal Commission into Aged Care has invited members of the public to attend a community forum in Bankstown on 1 March 2019. The forum is an opportunity to hear more about the work of the Royal Commission and to provide your ideas on the challenges, strengths and opportunities for improvement in aged care. Royal Commissioner Lynelle Briggs AO will be attending the Bankstown Community Forum event. For more information about this event or to register visit