We are currently in the process of confirming dates for our 2017 Walks to d'Feet MND. Great opportunities exist to become a sponsor for these Walks. You can sponsor your local Walk or become a major sponsor of all Walks throughout NSW and ACT.

Join Ireland MND Association and the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations for a live stream of the 2016 International Ask the Experts Forum. You'll need to get up early (or stay up late) - the live stream is on Sydney time 1.30am Tuesday 6 December. Speakers include  Dr. Jeremy Shefner (USA) speaking about clinical trials, Dr. Jonathan Glass (USA) speaking about stem cells and Jan H. Veldink (Netherlands) speaking about Project MinE. More information here.

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australian National University, the University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore want to hear how you feel about stem cell therapy regulation in Australia. Two workshops will be held in Sydney on 21 November (one for health professionals and one for people interested in stem cell therapy, their carers and family members, including people with motor neurone disease). Two workshops are also being held in Melbourne. 

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